PRESS RELEASE – Towards a decarbonized Europe: Increasing energy efficiency in SMEs for a clean energy transition

INNOVEAS joined forces with six related Horizon 2020 projects: DEESME, E2DRIVER, SMEmPOWER, SPEEDIER, ICCEE and Triple-A.

Within the European Sustainable Energy Week 2021 these projects delivered a highlevel interactive event, providing industry  stakeholders, policy makers, financial institutions, ESCOs, academia/research, energy professionals and other attendees guidelines and good practices to implement energy efficiency solutions and facilitate the energy transition.

Improving energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce energy-related emissions, improve economic competitiveness and increase energy security. In this context, SMEs have a high untapped energy saving potential which can be unlocked by overcoming structural, market and financial barriers such as a limited workforce, technical and financial capacity needed to carry out energy audits and the implantation of energyefficient and cost-effective measures.

In order to guide and assist SMEs throughout the energy transition, DEESME, E2DRIVER, INNOVEAS, SMEmPOWER, SPEEDIER, ICCEE and Triple-A H2020 projects presented their best practices, policy recommendations and key results at the EU Sustainable Energy Week Event (EUSEW 2021), in a session entitled “Towards a decarbonised Europe: Increasing energy efficiency in SMEs for clean energy transition”.

The debate conducted during the event underlined the relevance of the Energy Transition process and the need to shift the focus of SMEs from purely economic benefits to the more innovative aspects of green reputation and image of companies. A combined strategy must be developed to support SMEs in overcoming the various barriers towards energy efficiency; long-lasting infrastructures (i.e. transnational and trans-sectorial) can play an important role in this challenge.

The lively interest shown by the audience, the large number of participants and the animated discussions encourage us on our path towards energy efficiency.