Sister projects

Sister projects

If you want to learn more about other EU funded Research and Innovation projects, focusing on energy efficiency, energy audits and investment in energy efficiency measures please visit their websites:

The objective of the project is to “Empower” SMEs to undergo energy audits and implement their proposals. A holistic methodology has been chosen to address different barriers based on three dimensions, i.e. Individual, Organizational and Institutional.
The aim of ICCEE is to facilitate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) belonging to supply chains in the food and beverage sector to undertake energy efficiency measures after carrying out overall supply chain energy audits. 

SPEEDIER is a highly innovative one-stop-shop solution that applies an integrated approach to energy management, providing information, advice, capacity building, energy auditing, financing, implementation of energy efficiency solutions and monitoring of impacts.

E2DRIVER teaches firms in the automotive industry how to conduct energy audits, increase their energy efficiency and reduce energy-related costs.

The overall aim of the Triple-A project is to assist financial institutions and project developers increase their deployment of capital in energy efficiency, making investments more transparent, predictable and attractive.