Supporting partners

Supporting partners

innoveas and its partners work extensively to create a network with individuals, organisations and clusters to advance energy efficiency in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:

ADELMA supports INNOVEAS in the promotion and dissemination of the project activities at national level, collaborating in the research of the condition of SMEs and, through one of its member companies, in the elaboration of a video about the real experiences of energy audits.

ADELMA is a national business organization that brings together manufacturers and marketers of detergents, biocides and cleaning and maintenance products, both those used in the household and those used in institutional, professional and industrial applications. In addition, we have companies that manufacture raw materials used by our sector. The Association defends the interests of its members and the development of the sector with the maximum respect for the rules of free competition and regulatory compliance. In 2020, it has a total of 113 member companies, both national and multinational, regardless of their size (from micro-SMEs to large companies). Finally, we establish collaboration agreements with entities of various services of interest to our members.

ANEFHOP represents the majority of concrete manufacturers in Spain and we support the INNOVEAS project, collaborating in its dissemination among our partners to improve energy efficiency in the sector

EREN supports INNOVEAS in promotion and dissemination of the project activities throughout the region Castilla y León. EREN has been part of the Spanish incentive video and will participate regionally in the workshops and the training programme.

EREN was created in 1996 as a public entity, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Junta de Castilla y León, to plan and develop regional energy policy in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency.
“We believe in an energetically self-sufficient Community, that bets on the renewable ones and that consumes rationally“.

We support INNOVEAS in promotion and dissemination of project activities and results as well as an advisor to the training program in the field of ISO certification in Poland

ISOQAR’s policy is focused on certification of: quality management systems, information security, business continuity, quality IT services and food safety. We also dynamically operate in the certification of environmental management systems as well as occupational health and safety.  

When working with SME’s we focus on certification in energy management ( ISO 50001 ). By supporting  INNOVEAS project we want to raise awareness of how much certification will increase their competitiveness on the market, help them achieve better financial results due to energy savings and how the improvement of energy efficiency is helpful to our planet and society.

Our contribution to the INNOVEAS project will be focused on training, dissemination and exposure of success stories in the more than 100 audits conducted to companies, mainly in the industrial and food sector. We firmly believe in the detection and analysis of energy improvements as a first step for an energy transition, in which we are immersed.

Konery’s raison d’être is the search for an energy model that improves the environment and the competitiveness of companies, reducing the impact that our activity may have on the planet. We are an energy services company specialized in energy efficiency and renewable energies, focused on finding the optimal solution required by each of our clients.

INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS SATECMA, manufacturer of chemical products for sectors as diverse as construction, industry, agriculture and livestock, has as its motto “Chemistry and technology in harmony with nature”. That is why we wanted to participate in the INNOVEAS project by showing in the video the measures we have implemented in our facilities to become a company committed to society and the fight against climate change.