Final conference: Climate change and increase in energy costs, perspectives and strategies for EU SMEs

The European context is nowadays affected by a major increase in energy prices; this issue is involving all primary needs of citizens: fuel, heating, light etc. The price increase doesn’t only affect citizens but also affects the productivity and business of companies, especially of small and medium-sized enterprises.

These companies have the opportunity to fight this situation, by starting a process of energy transition. The strategies to adopt are several and have been the focus of the capacity building program developed by the INNOVEAS partners and addressed to SMEs of construction, chemical and food processing sectors.

During the final conference of the INNOVEAS project, the consortium members and high profile speakers will illustrate the activities implemented during the 36 months project, the national and international contexts, the issues and challenges that SMEs must face, the strategies to overcome it.


14.00 to 14.10 - Join Meeting and words of welcome

Luisa Sileni, Project Manager - IIPLE

14.10 to 14.30 - Energy transition in the European scenario

Filippo Busato, President of AiCARR

14.30 to 14.40 - Strategies and policies of EU Commission to support the energy transition in the future scenario

Oronzo Daloiso, Project manager CINEA

14.40 to 15.00 - A new narrative and a new approach to energy efficiency in SMEs

Patrick Crehan, Director - CKA

15.00 to 15.15 - INNOVEAS project: strategies to support SMEs energy transition

Sergio Bottiglioni, Engineering Project Manager - IIPLE

15.15 to 15.30 - Coffee break

15.30 to 16.15 - Innoveas Round table: barriers, national contexts, supporting actions and results

K&I, A3e, LEAG, NAPE, UTBW, JER; moderated by Mara Corbella Junior Project Manager - IIPLE

16.15 to 16.30 - Italian challenges and situation: how to address energy transition in the national context

Eng. Livio De Chicchis, Energy manager - FIRE Italia

16.30 to 16.50 - Energy transition and SMEs: other experiences funded under Horizon2020 Programme

"Sister Projects" representatives

16.50 to 17.05 - Business Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Energy

Marzia Morgantini, Innovation Manager - Confindustria Bergamo

17.05 to 17.30 - Closing remarks and Q&A from public