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About the Project

The innoveas project is an initiative promoted by 10 partners from 6 EU countries, to build and deliver a capacity building programme, aiming at addressing the major non-technical barriers that most often hamper the adoption the energy auditing practice, in particular among those actors, such as Small and Medium Enterprises where such audits are not required by law.

The ultimate goal is to consolidate a structured, permanent and expandable offer to help develop continuous self-sustainable services to raise awareness and build capacity in the field of energy auditing and related energy saving measures in SMEs, especially in the sectors of Food, construction and chemistry.

The project therefore aims at designing and deploying staff trainings and capacity building programmes to enhance corporate policy towards energy efficiency, energy culture and sustainable supply-chain initiatives..

Key Competences

innoveas designs
staff trainings

innoveas builds a Capacity
building programme

innoveas enhances corporate policy towards energy efficiency

innoveas wants to find out which obstacles hamper the adoption of energy audits among SMEs.

innoveas rises awareness for energy audits and energy saving measures in SMEs

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