Sustainable Places Conference

SUSTAINABLE PLACES 2020 – workshop on energy efficiency for SMEs

On the 29th of October, INNOVEAS and its sister projects (SPEEDIER, SMEmPOWER efficiency, and E2DRIVER) will host a virtual workshop on “Energy Efficiency Solution for SMEs”. This event is part of the European Conference Sustainable Places.


The aim of the workshop will be to draw together the findings from the four projects (funded by the Horizon2020 Programme) and present the results of the needs analysis, showcasing the differences and similarities observed between various countries and sectors. Each project will describe how the results are being used in the design of their capacity-building programmes to ensure maximum uptake from SMEs. Likewise, the workshop will include a panel discussion and time for Q&A from the audience. Workshop participants will leave with a deeper understanding of how to successfully engage with SMEs on energy efficiency.

Recording of the conference